Getting better all the time?

I actually felt a bit like my counselling session on Monday night was a bit superfluous — I’ve got four more, so hopefully I can have a breakdown before then and thus make best use of them.  But here are some of the things for which I can feel thankful at the moment:

  • Although I’m still in the process of arranging it, I’m going to be taking a two-week holiday in the western USA next May (someone at work said I was going to “find myself”, which is probably true), and I’ve got just enough annual leave for a week in the Med in January, if I can book something interesting, so I can avoid (or at least mitigate) the Winter Blues, my deadliest enemy!
  • I got over last week’s cold in about four days flat, and was thus able to go climbing on Sunday — not that I did as well as usual, but hopefully my timidity was caused by the tail end of the virus!
  • My former “good housemate”, who I haven’t seen since July, wants to hang out this Saturday evening with our mutual friend (if the latter remembers to come!).  Who knows, maybe I’ll drink too much and wake up with a stranger… hopefully of the female persuasion…
  • I’m expanding my musical tastes, having obtained a 5-disc set of classical music (albeit some of it modern orchestral film scores), and also (separately, of course) having discovered Kraftwerk!
  • Mitt Romney isn’t the US president!  This bears repeating: MITT ROMNEY LOST!!!  Obama may not be Abraham Lincoln, but he’s also no Sarah Palin, and with him in the Oval Office, the people who secretly run America from behind the scenes will have to be much more subtle about their insidious schemes…

Of course, this time hasn’t been an unqualified success for me:

  • On Saturday I actually walked out of Tesco with a basket of shopping I’d forgotten to buy, and it was only when I tried to walk into a charity shop that I realised my mistake!  But fortunately they hadn’t noticed, and I was able to buy my shopping without incident.  (Yes, buy, I’m not a thief!)
  • Clive Dunn from Dad’s Army just died, alas — although he certainly hung in there, and we have plenty of episodes to remember him by!
  • I’m still being “abrasive” at work, even without meaning to be, simply because social workers infuriate me by failing to respond to my messages, and I have to write Please could you reply as soon as possible just to get a reply some of the time!  What’s that?  Do a “What Really Grinds My Gears” post about my job?  Now that’s an idea…
  • I still can’t volunteer at a dog shelter, because even though my counsellor was convinced there’s a place in north London, I sure as hell can’t find it (the place in Wood Green is for cats, who often don’t like me even though I like them, and isn’t looking for volunteers right now anyway).  Ah, wait, what about this place, “The Mayhew”…
  • This article at BBC News led me to this article from 2008 at the Evening Standard website, in which the writer (naturally, a woman — can you imagine the furore if the genders were flipped?) says that single, never-married men over 35 are “male spinsters”, and at worst sociopaths.  But I’m not gonna let this Polly Filler (she writes too ingelligently to be a Glenda Slagg) get me down or make me feel like I’m not a “proper” person, especially since she wrote it four years ago!

So there you go — the negatives all have possible solutions, so I’m all right.  In fact, apart from my misery back in October, I seem to be fine at the moment, and would be more than willing to help out anyone else who needs a friend or confidant.  Anyone?  Anyone…?


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