Interesting times in Broken Barnet

Like Paul Atreides in Dune, I find myself infected with terrible purpose.  Not to create a universal jihad that compels mankind to break free from its self-imposed shackles, of course, but rather to help the local campaign here in the London Borough of Barnet to bring down our utterly corrupt, self-serving council.

It’s not just that they’re trying to institute an insane gamble (“One Barnet”) to privatise all our public services on 10-year contracts that can’t be renegotiated, based on a phoney “graph of doom”, or that this is being driven by officers rather than the elected councillors who are supposed to implement policy on an electoral mandate; nor is it that they’d charge me £26 for a simple letter stating that I’m on the electoral roll, a service other councils provide for free.

Sad, mad and bad

I hereby apologies (sic.) for nicking this picture from “Broken Barnet”

No, it’s their unflagging support for a thoroughly unpleasant man named Brian Coleman, a councillor who has done the following:

  • implemented “pay by phone” parking as a preliminary part of “One Barnet”, which now means people who want to park need to use a smartphone app rather than putting cash into parking meters, resulting in a massive decline for high street business;
  • set anti-terror police on a café owner because she put up a poster about him (the “explanation” being that she hadn’t included her details on it as required by law);
  • insulted members of his electorate, for example calling a Jewish man an “anti-semite” and labelling his critics “sad, bad, mad and a couple of old hags”;
  • refused to apologise for any of his actions, even when officially censured, until eventually sending a badly-written letter (“I hereby apologies”) to the man he called an “anti-semite”.

In addition, while everyone in this country is innocent until unless proven guilty, he has been charged with assault of the aforementioned café owner after she photographed him parking illegally in a parking bay outside her establishment.  Unfortunately, the useless boss of the Barnet Conservative administration, Richard Cornelius, who appears to be a fan of his rude and insulting behaviour (he can be seen laughing at the “sad, bad, mad and a couple of old hags” comment in this video) and has refused to censure him, steadfastly refused to suspend him on this occasion, insisting this would “prejudice” his trial.  Would he have treated a lowly employee (a “pleb”, if you will) with the same kindness?  It seems he’s incapable of doing his job by his own admission, as quoted in the Barnet Times:

I have found it very difficult to deal with because I know and like Brian. These allegations have come along and I’ve found it very difficult to handle.

So obvious is his bias that the central Conservative party had to step in and force them to suspend Bruiser Brian.  Hopefully the sad little man’s political career is now over (he’s already been dumped from a number of positions, such as member of the Greater London Authority and chair of the London Fire Authority), but since he writes a blog as well (in which he randomly capitalises words, for no apparent reason), I would welcome him to comment, if he is so minded.  I’m sure he’s got plenty of time.

Anyway, the cause of bringing down this shower (obviously in terms of legal grass-roots activism!) gives me purpose in life; I’ve lent them support on a couple of occasions, and help update the blog for BAPS (wash your minds out, it stands for “Barnet Alliance for Public Services”).  However, I’m not turning this into one of the Barnet political blogs, as there are already several — here’s a run-down:


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