Dave-ros time

Hammer Time, over 20 years before “Gangnam Style”

Don’t worry, I’m still here… oh, you were worried that I’d be back with another unfunny post.  Well, sorry to disappoint you, then!  On Wednesday night I had dinner with a friend in New Malden (a long way to go), and on Thursday night I went climbing again (nearly didn’t happen, as I forgot to bring tracksuit trousers and there was no “Session”, but fortunately I was able to climb in my jeans, and there was another lone climber looking for a partner).  So after two evenings spent being sociable, it was only right to stay in on Friday night and do my own thing…

What did I do?  What was “Dave-ros time” on this occasion, I can’t hear you cry because you’re not within earshot?  Well, first of all I watched Wednesday night’s Watchdog.  Yes, I know, you probably don’t care, but I do — I always like to see the little guy (or girl) being championed against faceless corporations and cowboys.  I’ll probably be ranting about e-books in a future post, but suffice to say there’s no way in hell I’m ever getting an Amazon Kindle if they can go wrong as easily as portrayed in this show, with an Amazon employee having apparently admitted they’re built to last a year, if that… and then there’s the bloated, sexist car mechanic who deliberately doesn’t check fuses because then he might be able to fix people’s cars cheaply, and looks like his breath smells of Guinness…

What next?  I ordered pizza (with sides).  Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be healthy, but I didn’t fancy cooking — and to make matters worse, I didn’t even go to pick it up from Domino’s because winter is clenching its icy fingers around our hearts (and it’s not even November!) and it would get cold being brought back here.  And I do like their garlic & herb dip.  And it’s hot food, c’mon!

What did I watch while eating my food?  The very last episode of Lee & Herring’s This Morning With Richard Not Judy, from 1999.  Yes, I know, I keep going on about them, but that’s because I’ve been watching all their shows recently — I was watching Kenny Everett’s shows before that, hence why I kept mentioning him in the early blog entries.  But still (saying “still” doesn’t make it true), it’s a shame they only lasted two seasons and The 11 O’Clock Show on the other side got recommissioned — anything with Iain Lee in it deserves to be banished from existence (yes, including RI:SE, the awful replacement for The Big Breakfast… whaddaya mean, get over it, it was ten years ago?!).

For the rest of my evening I watched Have I Got News For You (amazingly, Conrad Black didn’t come to blows with Ian Hislop!), Russell Howard’s Good News (yes, I find him amusing, even if he thinks ninjas wield samurai swords), and anything else that was on and would amuse me.  I also played video games, but didn’t write anything here because I was chilling out, okay?  I’m not the one on trial here, and I don’t have to justify my actions to you… you plebs!

(Yes, I’m sure Andrew Mitchell regrets using that term to describe a police officer, when he knows it’s supposed to be used to refer to us normal citizens…)

Anyway, as winter, clenched, icy fingers etc. is still in force today (the wind chill factor seems to make it feel like it’s below freezing!), I’m staying in again — right now I’m listening to Tony Blackburn’s show on Radio 2, and wishing the house would warm up… the heating control (which has an LCD display) had crashed like a, like a… like an Amazon Kindle!


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