Generic update #94

Don’t worry, I’m alive, and although I didn’t visit the quack this morning, I seem to be a bit better overall.  So maybe it was just constipation after all.  What, you think the condition of my bowels is somehow an unfit topic for the Internet?  Well then, content yourself with the knowledge that I’m “all right” for now, and probably don’t have a peptic ulcer yet (but stay tuned, you might be pleasantly surprised… if the thought of my pain and misery gives you pleasure, you sick person, you).

Anyway, this is mainly to let you know that I’m still writing this drivel and will be writing a post in the near future about classical music.  It’s one of my “new things” to try, listening to the famous tunes and learning them so I can recognise them, thus making myself look clever; I’ll include in the list just how I know these tunes, for example the advert in which I first heard “Anvil Chorus”, or the sketch that forever made a certain tune known to me as “Grieg’s Piano Concerto by Grieg”.

But oh, you know who else used to listen to classical music?  No, not Hitler, an even more unsavoury character:

Viddy well, little brother, viddy well…


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