The gathering darkness: or, Winter nights really grind my gears

“The good thing about these dark nights is that you can’t see how dark and horrible it is outside.” –Tony Blackburn

After what I went through in October 2011 to January 2012, you’ll forgive me if I feel a certain foreboding about the increasingly dark nights and dismal weather.  The Sun doesn’t even rise until after I get up now; the clocks going back will mitigate that, but at the same time they’ll mean it gets darker even earlier!  I guess I didn’t realise just how much I was depending on the summer this year for positive emotions, and now the winter is really closing in, I don’t even need to get into a depressive phase to feel… ugh.

However, I’m determined to live through this horrible time of year, because next May I’m hoping to go on an adventure holiday in America (but need to book it — along with flights!), and in June my (female) best friend is getting married — all I have to do is make it through the long, dark night of the soul.  How will I achieve this?  By making the most of any brief moments of sunlight that make their way through the clouds and mist that seem to have formed a dome over Britain at the moment.  And if all else fails, I’ll run away to the south of France for a break — I’m sure at this time of year it’ll still be reasonably warm…

In other news, my C++ class on Tuesday has been postponed.  While this means I’ve got one less bit of human interaction this week, it does at least leave me another evening free to hang out with anyone who wants to do so (not climbing, I went on Sunday with my mother and will be waiting until Thursday before I do that again!).  Then again, maybe I’d rather stay in the (relative) warm indoors… what do you guys reckon?  I never seem to get any comments any more that aren’t spam (see number at right), so please feel free to say something, criticise my humour, insult my intelligence etc. and let me know you’re out there, somewhere!


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