Small steps up

Just a brief post as I’m off to a climbing session fairly soon, but the other meaning of “steps up” in my delightfully punny title (ahem) is that I’ve finally spoken to the counselling service, and they’ll put me in touch with someone local.  The weird thing is, while I was feeling all right and fairly cheerful at work today (despite the noisy woman being around — she didn’t make too much of a nuisance of herself today, for a change!), as soon as I started telling the nice Irishman on the phone for my preliminary session, I started feeling down again… but it was more the “I have to confront this” kind of sadness than the “I can’t go on” kind of sadness.  I keep using the word “cathartic” (not here, perhaps, but you know, generally), but it’s true, it’s good to get your feelings out sometimes — and with someone who’s trained and paid to help, rather than forcing your family and friends to listen to you.  While support from loved ones is vital, professional help should be the primary focus!

And don’t worry, I’ll be lazing around tomorrow night: just got Dune on Blu-ray (the US version, which is supposed to be better than the botched UK release) and will be watching that while eating pizza.  I think I’ll have earned it by then!


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