Onwards, but not necessarily upwards

Tonight I wondered if I had the strength to carry on, whether I could rise above my problems, or whether I should just give up and plunge back down to my nadir in miserable defeat.

And then I got to the top of the climbing wall, aaah!  Yes, your expectations were confounded and from thence the humour arose.  But to be serious (and to drop the Lee & Herring in-jokes) for a moment, I have been fine this evening, with no dark thoughts or miserable brooding.  And while I know it can change suddenly over something really stupid and insignificant, I at least took the first step and admitted it to a nice man over a telephone.

So anyway, tonight I went climbing in The Castle’s “The Session” (7-9pm on weeknights), and despite being a bit late due to the difficulty of getting a bus over to Arnos Grove, I had plenty of chances to climb as the Session instructor (a scary woman who recognised me from a previous Session) couldn’t herself climb, due to a painful wrist, so I didn’t have to do any belaying, I just climbed (clomb?) all night.  My arms hurt, but it’s a good kind of pain (for a change!), and best of all, I can impress my mother (who got me into it in the first place) this weekend with how much better I am since the last time we climbed (clomb?) together.

Nothing else to report, except a curious number of visits to this site by someone in America looking up some long and tedious sentence about the class system… isn’t anyone interested in overcoming depression any more?  Should I bring in more hits by using the words “puking pumpkin” again?


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