What really grinds my gears, part II

“F**k you, America!”

Hope no-one was trying to phone me this evening, as (a) I was in a C++ class, and (b) I was getting no mobile signal, for reasons perhaps best known to Tesco (O2).  But I’m not going to complain about their coverage, I’m going to complain instead about what really grinds my gears (TM) tonight…

  • Oh C++, why do you have to make me wrong?  Surely defining how a struct or class is laid out is the definition, and creating an instance of this is the declaration?  But no, I’m exactly wrong, thanks to your twisted semantics.  I’m surprised my teacher didn’t cast me out tonight for getting them the wrong way round, and it’s no thanks to you that I survived for another week!
  • Spammers, you really make me angry.  Just kill yourselves, okay?  You bring nothing remotely good or positive to the world and serve no constructive purpose whatsoever (any company that employs you deserves to be boycotted in perpetuity).  And this site has a spam filter for comments, so you’re only wasting your employers’ time (if you’re just trying to trick people into going to malware sites, then genuinely kill yourselves, you disgusting globules of a horrible substance that would need to be purified with acid and cleansed with fire just to qualify as utter filth).

Another thing that really grinds my gears is when these aren’t the droids you’re looking for… ah ha ha ha, I’m sure no-one else with a “grinds my gears” feature in their blog has ever made that particular Family Guy reference.  What, you want me to come up with completely original jokes and not just quote lines from my favourite TV shows?  You want the Moon on a stick!!!

What doesn’t grind my gears is that at least I’ve made a (relatively) local friend in my C++ class, so we’ll see how that goes.  Just to make sure I jinx it from the beginning and don’t get my hopes up: yes, she’s a female, now stop sniggering at the back there.  I didn’t talk to the workplace counsellor today, but I know I really need to, to stop yesterday from happening again (I mean another day like yesterday, obviously 15th October 2012 has now been and gone forever, thank $DEITY), and at least I have my supervisor’s support.  Wish I had her pay packet…


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