Site update

I couldn’t leave you all hanging — I’m still here, don’t worry.  Should have been in bed an hour since, so I’ll be brief.  I’m probably going to change things around on this blog over the coming days, including the look (after seeing my friend Vicky’s blog at Blogspot, I find myself wishing I’d gone there instead), and I may have to delete an old post in order to stop American people coming to this site purely to research “puking pumpkins” (I really wish I hadn’t used that picture now) rather than bipolar disorder or Brit-humour!

At least I’m getting hits from actual people now, though that’s largely due to my final post on Facebook (I’ll also probably be posting something self-criticising about my tendency to grab attention with such silly dramas at some point, possibly with a list and something approaching an apology).  And yes, I’ll post some “videos wot have cheered me up” and “cool stuff” too, and possibly even say why I can’t stand someone at my workplace (don’t anyone say who I work for in the comments or I’m for the chop!), thereby making myself look like a complete grouch with a permanent “case of the Mondays” (ah, Office Space, it should be compulsory viewing for anyone in a managerial position).

Yes, all this and less coming soon on “Dave-ros Lives!”, the blog everyone’s talking about (until I walk into the room, whereupon they stop talking and look guilty)!


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