Cool things: the Four Dark Judges

The Four Dark Judges: tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime (i.e. life itself)

In August 1981, the centre pages of issue prog 226 of the famous British sci-fi/fantasy anthology comic 2000AD featured a full-colour “postergraph” for part 3 of the Judge Dredd serial “Judge Death Lives”, as you can see above: Judge Death, a twisted, undead version of Judge Dredd from a parallel universe where life itself was declared illegal, together with his three lieutenants, Fear, Fire and Mortis, atop a pile of the bodies of those judged and executed for the crime of life.

For some inexplicable reason, I had this at some point in my childhood (I would have been three going on four when it was published), and even more oddly, my mother was quite happy for me to read this story of horror and slaughter!  Alas, I lost that comic at some point in the 1980s, and although I’ve got it reprinted in the Judge Dredd collected comics, it’s not the same if it’s not in colour, is it?  Oh, for a full-sized poster (i.e. not just the centre pages of a children’s comic) version of this charming scene!

On a wider topic, these were but one of my favourite childhood villain groups whose names began with “D” — there was also the Daleks, the Decepticons and Darth Vader… and my name begins with “D” as well.  Coincidence…?  Well, now I’m not so sure… after all, I find it hard to cross running water (that’s actually true, I’m always afraid of dropping something in the Thames, or somehow falling in entirely!), and I can’t walk into a church without my skin starting to smoulder…


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