Big stuff update

Well, it’s more or less my 35th birthday now, and unfortunately I’ve got a fully-fledged cold, though at this stage it’s still mostly a sore throat.  But I still managed to go out and do something this evening, meeting my friend and her friend for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, and then a play, Our Boys.  Despite my illness (Lemsip is becoming less eck– effef– efficack– worky the more I use it), it’s been a nice evening, with me trying new food (e.g. a deep-fried slice of sweet potato!), and a jolly good show to boot (you’ll laugh and cry if you see it, etc.).

And yes, my friend was trying to set me up with her friend, but let’s just say it was a swing-and-a-miss (as my American cousins would say) and chalk it up to experience.  Obviously I’m in her debt for getting us the free tickets, though!  What could be more awesome than a show featuring someone who’s been in Doctor Who?  I keep thinking Arthur Darvill is a cross between Davros and Arthur Scargill… who was in the news in 1984, when the play was set.  Coincidence…?  Er, yes.

Anyway, I do hope I’m well enough tomorrow to go in to work, as the biggest problem I have with my current workplace is on annual leave until Thursday (don’t worry, none of my present work colleagues have any online relationship with me, and I won’t tell them about this site if you don’t!), and I don’t like to waste quiet days in the office.  So I’ve downed another Lemsip, and am about to turn in for the night… don’t worry, this blog will be more interesting as soon as I have time to actually write stuff in it!


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