I’ve got some biiig stuff going on!

Right, here’s what I’ve Who ate all the Pecan Sandies?got happening in my life during next week, assuming I can recover from my current sore throat / cold:

  • Monday: going to see Our Boys at the theatre (note for Americans: that means the theater, and not in the sense of cinema) with a friend;
  • Tuesday: my second C++ class, in which hopefully I’ll learn something I didn’t already know;
  • Thursday: going to see Wicked at the theatre with a friend

The two plays I’m going to see with a friend who’s previously invited me to the opera to see Julietta, so it’s a case of trying new things for me.  Obviously, as per my last post I’d really like to see The Rocky Horror Show at some point, though I’d be intimidated by the “virgin sacrifice” they have for people who haven’t seen it live before.  And, of course, I’d like to see a more famous, Italian opera such as The Barber of Seville.  Hint hint, friend in question, if you’re reading…

On the other hand, probably no climbing this week until perhaps Friday, if I’m well enough, as Wednesday is bouldering only, and I didn’t buy that harness to do bouldering, dammit!


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