Back to school

Well, tonight I took a C++ class at City University… and while it wasn’t perhaps the most enthralling class in the world, it did feel funny being back at university, even a rather grim one that I didn’t even know about when I was applying through UCAS back in 1995 (yes, that’s how old I am).  There’s a certain atmosphere at university that you just don’t get anywhere else (certainly not in the cramped converted office “colleges” where I learned Japanese and studied MCSE), and I find myself wishing… well, not that I was off to RHUL to do Geology (I wouldn’t make that mistake again!), but more that I could be a proper university student again, from the beginning, and this time do it right.

But hey, youth is wasted on the young, and if I’d known then what I know now, blah blah blah.  It occurred to me that I couldn’t really have done anything else at university, considering considering I’d chosen Maths, Physics and Geography as A-levels (and also History, but I dropped that after a year — and this was before AS-levels), and that going to a small (c.4,000 students) university mostly populated by rich kids who weren’t clever enough to get into Oxbridge pretty much limited my options socially.  I was the wrong person back then, so there’s no point regretting.

On a related topic, I think it was when I stopped going to Japanese classes in 2011 (thanks to dwindling class sizes and our second sensei in a row leaving, they were pretty much cancelled) that I started to get depressed, my life becoming basically work-home-work-home… so, a class to look forward to every week, in addition to climbing, should keep my spirits up.  You’re never too old to learn (even my grandmother can use a Blu-ray player now!), and that’s what life is all about, not partying or getting laid… is that a controversial point of view?


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